Stoneconcept is the pioneer stone paving and cladding specialist in Hungary. You can catch a glimpse of their work almost everywhere: from the monumental squares of Budapest to the exclusive bathroom floors in private mansions.


Their exquisite natural stones come directly from special mines all over the world, waiting to get processed in their own workshop and installed by the construction team. The new visual identity was born to celebrate the two-decade long history of the company and to establish a strong and powerful brand image for the future.


Our promises:


We are committed to giving your business a fresh, stylish and impactful identity. We firmly believe that great design and engaging customer experiences can help generate trust, get people talking about your business and ultimately drive sales.


Therefore we promise you:


  • To approach all creative projects in a thoughtful and considered manner;
  • To inspire you with new ideas, new formats and new materials;
  • To be responsive and easy to do business with;
  • To communicate in a friendly and professional manner;
  • To fly the flag to help Hungarian businesses become international quality brands.


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LONDON: 68. Hanbury street, London, E15JL, UNITED KINGDOM

BUDAPEST: 36. Rozsa street, Budapest 1077, HUNGARY





Opening Hours:   Monday-Thursday:   0900-1700   /   Friday: 0900-1600