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VR Park // Dino Safari

Virtual Reality Entertainment Centre, Budapest


VR Park is a unique studio in Hungary providing immersive entertainment for their guests using cutting-edge Virtual Reality technology. Their first project is Dino Safari where the whole family can travel a few million years back in time to meet the amazing creatures of the Jurassic age 

Vin.Vin City

Vietnamese restaurant on the Andrassy Street, Budapest


For the logo, we used such symbolic Vietnamese motives as the conical straw hat and the chopsticks. The smile refers to the eponymous win-win phrase, the restaurants positive vibe and the founder, Simi’s (Nguyen Tien Sy) always kind attitude.


 Design Lightning Brand


Organic Tea Brand


We recreated this heart-to-heart feeling with soft pastell colors, a touch of gold and feminine illustrations. Every tea blend got a different color and style so you can easily find the one that suits your mood the best.




Sushi Street Food


Sushiroll introduces a whole new concept to the ever-changing gastronomy scene in Budapest: sushi as street food. 


Our aim was to create a friendly and approachable design that shows another exciting way of eating sushi and might be able to convert some avid sushi haters. Using parentheses in the logo reminds you of the endless possibilities: you can put almost anything in your rolls – and apart from that it looks a lot like an actual sushi roll. We also used just a hint of Japanese culture in the typography.




Stoneconcept is the pioneer stone paving and cladding specialist in Hungary. You can catch a glimpse of their work almost everywhere: from the monumental squares of Budapest to the exclusive bathroom floors in private mansions.


Their exquisite natural stones come directly from special mines all over the world, waiting to get processed in their own workshop and installed by the construction team. The new visual identity was born to celebrate the two-decade long history of the company and to establish a strong and powerful brand image for the future.

Old Millers'

Gluten-free flour brand


Our aim was to create a timeless appearance for OLD MILLERS’ visual identity. The label’s layout represents traditionalism, inspired by old whiskey bottles. We used classy fonts and illustrations resembling old etching artworks. To emphasize the product’s high quality we decorated the packages with unique dry stamps.  

Xtreme Fitness


Protein • Activewear • Gym

I Can Spice

Artisan Spice Brand


I Can Spice is based on one simple yet brilliant idea: let’s make cooking a new, exciting experience for everyone. They offer a zillion types of premium spices from all around the world and special mixes for spicing your coffee or even your beer.


We designed their brand indetity and packaging using lively coulours and playful patterns to match each of their spice categories.

Galamb Tailoring

Bespoke Tailors, Budapest


Galamb Tailoring offers the highest quality handmade bespoke suits in Budapest. With an exclusive downtown salon their brand represent style, perfection and tradition.


In the overall rebranding of Galamb Tailoring our aim was to capture this brand essence in a simple, elegant yet instantly recognizable way. We created an identity that matches the luxury lifestyle that Galamb stands for.


Design by: Kevin Harald Campean

Urban Outlaw

Restaurant & Visitor Centre, Budapest


Urban Betyár (Urban Outlaw) is a classy restaurant and visitor centre in the heart of Budapest. Our job was to create a unified visual concept that depicts the characteristics of the 18th century outlaw era but gives it a modern, rusty touch.

Lion's Garden Hotel

4* Hotel, Budapest


The four-star Lion’s Garden Hotel is located in the heart of the diplomatic quarter of Budapest, near City Park. Two iconic lion statues are guarding the Hotel’s entrance, giving us a great opportunity to choose them as the central figures of the logo.


Our challenge was to redesign its visual identity in a fresh, modern, yet long-lasting way.  To the minimalist design, we have added a playful pattern, that can remind us of the mop of the lion’s tail and of the tuft in the garden.


Disposable Tableware, London


Cornware is a London-based brand that produces 100% biodegradable, high quality, disposable tableware for streetfood restaurants.


Our task was to develop an iconic, cool and sexy identity for the brand. We used bright colours for that and created the Cornware Butterfly, a symbol for rejuvenation that people can immediately recognise on products.


Artisan Ice-Pop Brand, Budapest


ANJUNA is created by two ambitious guys, who love to travel. They came up with the idea during one of their trips to India, where they were mesmerized by the beauty of one particular seashore in Goa, called Anjuna.


We designed their whole visual image based on Indian and Holi imagery. The elephant is a sacred animal in India, but it also represents strength, wisdom and good luck. That is why we have chosen it to be the logo of ANJUNA.


E-commerce Service Brand, London


Volo is a UK based company who gets merchants and brands flying high in the world of multichannel e-commerce by building the world’s most useful and easy-to-use ecommerce service.


The visual identity we have created for them consists of dynamic shapes, vivid colours and a wing-like logo resembling the perpetual word of e-commerce. 


Coffee Shop, Budapest


Piknik is a delightful small coffee shop located by one of the top picnic spots in Budapest. Right across the St. Stephan Park on the bank of the Danube guests can grab specialty coffees, sandwiches, cookies and smoothies and everything they need for a perfect picnic.


Our visual identity captures the mood of an easy Sunday afternoon.

Salt Horse

Beer Bar, Edinburgh


Salt Horse Beer Shop & Bar offers Edinburgh’s best selection of beer and food to match. The Salt Horse name is an old slang term for meat that was preserved by curing or salting and reflects the charcuterie offerings of the bar. Beside the specialist beer bar the place includes a bottle shop with a small seating area.


Our challenge was to reflect on the high quality they offer but to keep a friendly, welcoming atmosphere that doesn’t look too elegant or expensive.


Jerusalem Artichoke brand, Budapest


INULINU mustards, ketchups and jams are made with Jerusalem Artichoke, which is famous for its richness of inulin, an essential component of every healthy diet.


We named the brand INULINU to make a playful reference to its main characteristic, its richness of inulin, and created the whole brand strategy and visual identity around the purpose of giving people a tasty way of consuming their daily dose of this essential nutrition.

Office Beaver



Office Beaver is a UK based company specialised in providing original ink cartridges to students, consumers and small businesses. They needed a complete visual identity for their brand new webshop with a mascot figure at the center. So we have drawn the beaver who feels homey in any office environment. 

Made in China

Restaurant, Budapest


Made in China makes you forget everything you know about chinese cuisine. This brand new Chinese tapas bar serves authentic specialties you’ve never seen before – in a remarkable atmosphere.


Our aim was to change the perception people have with the ’Made in China’ label and show the world the beautiful and delicious experiences China has to offer. The visual identity brings ancient chinese traditions to life, with a modern, new look. 

Adrian Grant

Los Angeles


Adrian Grant is a professional squash player from England. He needed a visual identity for his new squash academy based in Los Angeles. The logo we have created for him represents the movement of the ball and the lines of the court and also contains Adrian’s monogram. 

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