Our Story

We are a dedicated design agency who specialise in empowering ambitious businesses through original design. Whether helping startups to make a splash in a crowded market, or revitalising tired brands, we enjoy turning a company’s unique qualities into a compelling visual story.


We work across both physical and digital environments from brand identity to storefronts, merchandising and immersive customer experiences.

Our existing clients are a mixture of small and medium sized businesses and retailers that aspire to improve the way they present themselves to their customers.

What we stand for: 

1. Design Above All

We believe in the power of great design to change the world for the better.

2. Think Forward

We believe in long term thinking versus short term optimalisation.


3. Average is Crap

We believe that being remarkable is an absolute necessity for any business.


4. Believe in better

We believe that greatness is achieved by a continous pursuit for better. This is what our story is about.

What is this weird name?

From the very beginning we firmly believed that a good design is not just pretty but smart as well.


Also, 12 years ago we actually thought that puns were funny. So we played on the word “ratio”, the Latin for rationality, and named ourselves DekoRatio. Like the rational use of decoration (aka. design).

Since then we developed a lot and from time to time the question arised: what shall we do with our name? We came up with many simpler and more trendy versions. Yet, every time we concluded: We simply love this weird name. We are proud of what we have accomplished with it. Over the years it has become dear to us. We are DekoRatio.


Hello, I am Peter Kremmer 

I spend a lot of time in London. I love it. I go there regularly to study all the cutting-edge techniques of brand creation and marketing communication. I research interesting brands and the way they engage their customers with their brand story and beautiful designs.


Inspired by everything I have learned on my travels I have re-invented my decade old design agency in Budapest, DekoRatio. My personal ambition is to create Hungary’s first serious Branding & Design Studio, where we assist business owners at all levels on strategy, design and production inspired by the high standards of London.


I feel there is a huge energy and talent in Hungarian start-ups and small businesses. I believe that if they have professional support to craft their story and the way they present themselves they can compete on an international stage.

I would love to be part of your story and do something remarkable together.


DekoRatio Hub

DekoRatio UK

We opened our London office in 2015. Our official introduction to the UK market took place at the 34. Great British Business Show. Since the incredibly positive welcome we worked on numerous design projects for UK clients.


Our goal is to make hungarian design renowned around the world and to become a channel to exciting international projects for talented hungarian designers. In the long run we want to contribute to Budapest’s international reputation as a centre of great design and explosive creative energy.



DekoRatio HUB

DekoRatio HUB is a creative center for freelance designers. There are a lot of talented young designers in Hungary and we want to provide them opportunities to work on exciting projects without giving up their freelance status.


We offer them a beautiful place to work, a great community and a chance to work with us on international design projects. This collaboration increases our design capacity significantly and their unique style makes our work more diverse and interesting.


Do you want to be a part of DekoRatio HUB? Drop us a line: hub@dekoratio.hu

Nagy Zsófia

Boring company data

DekoRatio Advertising Ltd. 
Office Address: 36. Rozsa Street, Budapest, 1077 - HUNGARY
VAT no.: 23771688-2-42 
EU VAT no.: HU23771688 
Company no.: 01-10-047293
Director: Peter Kremmer
Shareholder: Kremmer Investments Ltd.
  16 Beaufort Court, Admirals Way, Docklands, London. 



Bank: Unicredit Bank
Account no. (HUF): 10918001-00000071-91470001 
IBAN (EUR): HU26109180010000007191470018
IBAN (GBP): HU31109180010000007191470025

Our promises:


We are committed to giving your business a fresh, stylish and impactful identity. We firmly believe that great design and engaging customer experiences can help generate trust, get people talking about your business and ultimately drive sales.


Therefore we promise you:


  • To approach all creative projects in a thoughtful and considered manner;
  • To inspire you with new ideas, new formats and new materials;
  • To be responsive and easy to do business with;
  • To communicate in a friendly and professional manner;
  • To fly the flag to help Hungarian businesses become international quality brands.


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DekoRatio Advertising Ltd. 


LONDON: 68. Hanbury street, London, E15JL, UNITED KINGDOM

BUDAPEST: 36. Rozsa street, Budapest 1077, HUNGARY





Opening Hours:   Monday-Thursday:   0900-1700   /   Friday: 0900-1600